Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cinquera's butterflies

Today a couple of butterfly shots from Cinquera, El Salvador, where Roselvy and I went to take a little break from the accident and its tedious aftermath. I did manage to catch the flu the night before we left, so here we are, taking it a little easier still. It's very hot here and the flu has knocked the energy out of me. We've been on a couple of walks in the nearby forest but have not birded or butterflied it quite as thoroughly as we would have liked. We lucked into great and prolonged looks at a Thicket Tinamou walking on the forest floor. This is not a rare bird, but far more often heard than seen.

The butterflies at the top are Guatemalan Kite-swallowtails, common during the rainy season in edge habitat of Central American dry deciduous forests.

Another attractive lep we found yesterday is this Shining-blue Lasaia. Find these and other butterfly photos taken in El Salvador on the Mariposas de El Salvador Facebook page.

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