Saturday, November 20, 2010

Green Turtle hatchlings

A few more shots and a little video of Tortuguero's most famous residents, the Green Turtles, Chelonia mydas. The breeding season is largely over for them, although I still find tracks of females on the beach every now and then. The female emerges from the sea and climbs on to the beach at night, shuffles for 25 m to a place beyond the high tide line, digs a hole and deposits her eggs in it. She then covers up the hole with sand, and returns to the sea.

Sixty days or so later, these guys emerge.

They are usually full of energy and go straight for the sea.

As small as they are, they are vulnerable to predators while making the 25 m journey to sea.

Almost there!

I've seen Green Turtle hatchlings on the beach a number of times now, but, as one of the turtle researchers here said the other day, it never gets old.

Here's a short video of a Green Turtle hatchling making the trek across the beach to the sea:

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faizul fadzullah said...

Its has 3 years since this are they doing in the sea i wonder..