Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This little leaf-nosed bat with a stripey face is a Common Tent-making Bat, Uroderma bilobatum. It is common in Costa Rica at low and middle elevations, and roosts in "tents" constructed out of palms and other plants. Very likely I have a roost of them near to where I'm mistnetting for birds, for several mornings in a row now I've had these guys in the nets.

In the nets they squeak loudly and can quickly get themselves in a real tangle. The thing is to check right away and get them out before they've had a chance to get real tangled up.They have sharp teeth and will bite readily; I try to get them to bite the bird bag so they won't bite me.

Today I opened at sunrise; evidently I need to wait a little until after sunrise, for I still caught three individuals.

A few days ago I photographed these Proboscis Bats, Rhynchonycteris naso. They are small and usually found near water.

A single male will usually have a harem of females around him. This group had ten individuals.

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