Friday, June 25, 2010

Another pulse in Monte Uyuca

As I write this, it's late Friday night, and I've just returned from another bird banding trip to Monte Uyuca in Honduras. Tomorrow morning at 6:15 AM I am expected at the SalvaNATURA office, to start on another assignment here in El Salvador.

Of course there are stories to tell and photos to show, but with such little time at my disposal (laundry to do, batteries to charge, sleep to catch up with), I'm afraid it's just going to be a brief selection of highlights.

The bird at the top is a juvenile Common Bush-tanager. With the rainy season well under way, many birds are either nesting of have just finished nesting. We caught a fair number of hatch year birds from a variety of species.

And, as always at this site, many hummingbirds, although this time practically all were Green-breasted Mountain-gems, like this bird. I think we caught only one or two Azure-crowned Hummingbirds, and zero White-eared Hummingbirds. These last two species were quite abundant as captures only a month ago.

This morning, while walking the net lanes, I found this Mottled Owl.

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