Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On Volcan Mombacho

Last weekend, Xavier, Marissa and I visited Volcan Mombacho near the Nicaraguan town of Granada. Near the top of the volcano, there's a biological station where we stayed overnight. Saturday night, we went out on a guided tour of the area around the biological station, and encountered the above salamander, Bolitoglossa mombachoensis, the Mombacho Salamander, one of a few endemic species described so far for this volcano. Also here and nowhere else in the world are a butterfly and an orchid, and probably yet unfound representatives from other taxa. We saw the orchid the next day, but strong wind and cloud and rain prevented us from seeing the butterfly - or indeed much else. Mountain Elaenia's were common there, we did see several of them.

This frog, also there, is more widely distributed. It is called the Red-eyed Tree Frog.

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