Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cranes and snow buntings

The hawk flight at Whitefish Point is starting to pick up - as well it should, after having been so slow for such a long time. A good many raptors could be seen hanging in the air over the point today, although very few of them showed any determination in crossing the bay. The redtails certainly seem to require tail winds to even think about crossing.

The majority of Sandhill Cranes today had no such qualms about crossing the bay. Throughout the day, small groups of about 5 to 15 birds would come up to the point and cross, for a total of 142.

Only in the last hour of the count, between 4 and 5, did I see a couple of groups hesitate and eventually turn around. These birds probably spent the night on Whitefish Point.

After the count, I stopped briefly at the harbor, where a group of Snow Buntings was hanging out.

These birds are getting close to breeding plumage.

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genesgalore said...

don't forget to look way above you, that is: way above your head. itsy bitsy teeny dots of raptors.