Friday, January 9, 2009

Black-throated Green Warbler

The bird pictured above is a Black-throated Green Warbler. We found two individuals in the flock this morning; this adult male and a female-type bird. They are about as rare as Golden-cheeked Warblers here in Chiapas; further south, they become much more common. They seem to have a preference for a well-developed mid-story, and indeed the area occupied by today’s flock had exactly that. The bird in the picture is foraging in so-called encino oak, a favorite actually of Golden-cheeked Warblers. The area used by today's flock had very little of it - maybe that's why we didn't find any goldencheeks in this flock.

On the way back, we came across these two young bulls, head-locked in a fight.

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